DCC Chat Solution – Bug #10061 – Connection Forced Rejected

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    Over the past few days, some of our readers have noticed an error message in dcc chat – Bug #10061 – Connection strongly denied. This issue can occur due to several factors. We will discuss this below. 10061 is usually a Winsock connection error that is interpreted as a connection failure. Communication could not be established because the target machine was actively refusing it. This constantly arises from trying to directly connect to a non-running service against an external, i.e. H-host on the one on which the non-server application is running.


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    dcc chat - error # 10061-connection is forcefully rejected

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    Localhost: Connection Forcibly Denied

    How do I fix error 10061 connection refused?

    mark the site as yours in the current site manager.lineon the menu, display File > Properties.Click the Type tab.Enter the correct port number in all port text fields A.

    I have a device program written in Java that is known to listen on a certain TCP mov. I have a written Microsoft Access/vba client device that uses the Winsock ActiveX control (MSWINSCK.OCX, version to communicate with the program from the host. Both programs were written for me.
    Everything works fine… As long as the server-client networks are on different machines.
    When both methods are used on the same computer, all client programs receive error code 10061 “Connection Forced Rejected” when trying to connect to the Internet, which I just started earlier.

    I use two computers, one Windows XP with Access 2003 (Access 2000 is also available), the other Windows 7 (32 bit) with Access 2010.
    The problem is on both computers. I made sure that when there is a problem, I can still connect to their server from another computer in the house (so it’s ok if the servep suggested).Access
    Using instead of Access 2000 with Access On 2003 on most XP machines is irrelevant. Also, the purpose of using “localhost” or “” as host is irrelevant. Case

    if successful, the server might be on a Windows 7 coffee machine and the client on an XP machine, or vice versa.

    Any suggestions Problems don’t go well?

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    Subject: 10061 Connection Strongly Rejected

    The problem is on the server side, not on the client side.

    The most common reasons:

    1) Hosting not specified listens on port
    2) Perhaps the problem is really in the firewall

    Check the server software and make sure it is in listening mode.

    Many online programmers don’t let the web server go back to fun mode or don’t listen to everything on startup, which is a very common internal coding error.

    The server must always have blocking connection. If available on the server, it accepts the novel, reopens the socket intended for that client, not the server’s main socket, which should only be used for listening and establishing transmission, and then the server should return to listening. mode.Socket(0)

    Use to connect server to refrigerator
    For socket(1) use first connection
    Use socket(2) to support a second connection

    Posting your private server code will really help men and women solve your problem.

    Latest release of jmsrickland; also May 15, 2012 at 10:13 am.

    Everything I post is an example only and is not intended to be the only solution, our own general solution, or the ultimate remedy for your request, and I make no claim that this is the case. If you find it useful, you can make any necessary changes that you deem appropriate for your purposes.

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    Subject: 10061 Localhost: Connection Forcibly Refused

    Thanks reply for your company. time servers

    In an infinite loop, it waits for a client to connect.
    The accept parameter of the java.net.Object server socket is called during the la.
    loopWhen it returns, the absolute client reconnects and the concrete java.net.Socket object is returned. I start a new thread with this Outlet object as a parameter to inform Connect that multiple clients can be connected at the same time.

    – I just found that everything works fine if the real target uses the computer’s IP address, “localhost” and not “” otherwise. But that’s not what I want, of course. I want to use “localhost” in my OU because most of the time the client and server are on the same machine.
    Is there anything special to use in The last “” instead of an IP address?

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    Subject: Name=”4″> Localhost: 10061 Connection Strongly Denied

    What do you mean by real IP?

    Here’s how it works (at least from a VB point of view)

    The server is listening (sometimes the local host is called the internal IP), which also looks like 192.nnn.1.1. Probably server won’t stop

    Client connects:
    1) The client refers to a server computer that can use the local host (127.0.0.or 1) internal IP address
    2) A client on a different computer but on the same network system uses the mobile computing device’s internal IP address. Server activated.Computer
    3) The client controller uses the external IP address

    By the way: perhaps you are writing a Java applet or a Java application?

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    Can t connect to the service error 10061 no connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it?

    Windows plugin error 10061 is a connection failure due to an error sent to you from the target computer. You are unable to connect, which is why the target computer system is actively refusing to do so. The most common cause is Windows, network/firewall, and security software blocking communications on the port specified by these clients.

    Everything, this that I publish,is only an example and should not be the only solution, additional solution, or final solution for your request, and I do not claim that this is true. If you find it useful, you yourself must shape any changes in such a way that they are useful for your purposes.2012,

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