How To Fix Embedded YouTube Videos In Outlook Emails?

In some cases, your computer may show an error that YouTube videos are embedded in Outlook emails. There can be several reasons for this problem.

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    According to my research, video embedding and special playback in email messages are not supported in the Outlook client for various reasons (mainly security issues). Here are some related topics related to the article:

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    embed youtube video in outlook email

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    When you send a link (email), you can choose to include a video. Is it useful because the recipient can watch the video instead of you?

    But in order to play the video, Outlook mustbe able to reproduce it. In case you don’t know, Outlook supports almost all file types for photos, audio and moreover video, so you can insert children into your email, but our own video player used by Outlook is a very good QuickTime Player.


    In the past, email clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express often supported embedded videos in email messages.

    However, because these email clients have already been subject to targeted malware and malware attacks, they no longer support video.

    There are certainly only a handful of email clients today that actually allow customers to view videos embedded in emails.

    Microsoft Outlook (including versions 2007, 2010, 2013 and later) does not support embedding YouTube in email messages.

    embed youtube video in outlook email

    So if you need to send a video to your colleagues/personal clients, you need to upload someone who is online somewhere and then send the video URL in a pretty email My letter.

    Technically, there is no such process as “embed video in Outlook via email”. It’s an illusion, “integrate video via Outlook email” technically shows two updates: the first video didn’t have a vital link, or it’s a link-based video.

    Microsoft Outlook (versions 2007, 2013, 2010 and later) does not support embedding video in email messages.

    There are several ways to embed a video in your marketing email body.

  • Add a video to your Outlook messages by linking it to an image.
  • Add Outlook emails to videos by including them as attachments (common method).
  • In this article, I will be sure to walk you step by step through the processes needed to achieve this.

    How To Embed A Video In Outlook With An Image?

    Can I embed a YouTube video in Outlook email?

    For example, if you want to embed a new YouTube video, you need to format the email as HTML. So copy the YouTube embed rules (right-click on the YouTube video, select “Copy embed code”) and email it to yourself.

    How do you embed a video in an Outlook email?

    Step 1. Go to the Outlook page in a browser. Step: Click “New Message” and enter your email address in the “To” field. Step 3 Copy your video link and paste the video URL into the body of your Outlook email message. Then the thumbnail will be displayed permanently and you won’t need to insert an image.

    In the new standard, copy any YouTube movie and paste it into your message text to help get it to market to link your receiver, but it won’t count as embedded. Do the following:

  • Open Outlook >> Insert thumbnaily and add a hyperlink.
  • Select Insert>>Click Pictures>>This Device
  • After publishing an image, right-click to add a hyperlink to the image.

    The “Insert Hyperlink” window will appear, consisting of some keys that the user has mixed up somewhere, but it’s pretty simple.

    On the left side of the panel, click Attached to an existing file or globe page, enter the desired video link to create a hyperlink image, in the address field:

    Click OK to finish, the recipient will simply click on the image, not to mention jump to the desired video.

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  • Also, you can also use GIFs in your video up to 20-30 seconds long to make it easier to capture your player and make sure the entire video goes to our own link.

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