Troubleshooting Omap Linux Kernel Boot

You may encounter an error code indicating that the omap linux kernel is booting. Well, there are different ways to solve this problem, so we will do it in a moment.

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    Linux kernel version 3.x released These are the release notes for Linux version 3. Please read them carefully,how they tell you everything about it explain how to installThe kernel and what to do in case of problems.WHAT IS LINUX?  Linux is a giant clone of the Unix operating system, written from scratch.  Linus Torvalds with the support of any free hacker team specific mesh. It aims to conform to POSIX Single and the UNIX specification.  It has all the features you would expect from a modern, full-featured Unix,  including true multitasking, virtual memory, shared libraries, demand  Loading, copy-on-write mutual executables, good memory management,  in addition to the multi-stack network also IPv4, such as IPv6.  The distribution is covered by the GNU General Public License - see  Detailed information is provided in the accompanying copy.WHAT EQUIPMENT DOES IT WORK ON?  Although it was originally designed for 32-bit x86 computers (386 or later),  Today Linux also runs (at least) on CompaqAlpha AXP, Sun SPARC and  UltraSPARC, Motorola 68000, PowerPC, PowerPC64, Hitachi ARM, SuperH, Cellular,  IBM S/390, MIPS, HP PA-RISC, Intel IA-64, DEC VAX, AMD x86-64, AXIS CRIS,  Xtensa, Tilera TILE, AVR32, not to mention Renesas M32R architectures.  Linux is easily portable to most general purpose 24 or 64 bit architectures.  for as many years as they have an outsourced knowledge and transport management unit (pmmu) that  GNU C Compiler (gcc) (part of the GNU Compiler Collection, GCC). Linux has  it has also been ported to a number of non-PMMU architectures, though  In this case, the overall performance is obviously somewhat limited.  Also, Linux has just been ported over to itself. Now you can install kernel like  The userspace method is a user mode that is considered Linux (UML).DOCUMENTATION: - There is a large amount of documentation available both electronically and online.   every Internet and in books, both on Linux and related   general UNIX questions. I would recommend checking the documentation   Subdirectories pointing to any Linux FTP site for LDP download (Linux Documentation   project) books. This README file is not really intended foruse as documentation   System: Much better sources may be available. - There are several README files, including the Documentation/ subdirectory:   they often contain kernel-specific installation notes for one or two   for driver level. See Documentation/00-INDEX for an indication of what from is included in every file. Please keep reading the file as it changes.   for more information on issues that can typically occur during an upgrade   our core. - The document/docbook/ subdirectory contains several manuals on   kernel developers and users. These guides can be returned for   Number of formats: PostScript (.ps), PDF and HTML, man pages and more.   After installing the gate "Create psdocs", "Create pdfdocs", "Create htmldocs",   or "make mandocs" can display documentation in the requested format.INSTALL the kernel source code: - If you are installing full sources, place the kernel archive in   The directory you read from, write to (for example, your home directory) and   unboxing:gzip -cd linux-3.X.tar.gz | hvf black -   Wherebzip2 Linux-3 -dc.X.tar.bz2 | smola xvf-   Replace "XX" with one of our numbered most popular kernel releases.   DO NOT use the /usr/src/linux zone for this zone! The area has (usually   incomplete) set most commonly associated with kernel headers used after the library header.   Folders. They must match the archive and not be confused when moving up   whichever area of ​​the core of the day is assumed. - You can potentially upgrade 3 between .x versions fixing the issue. patches   is sold in the traditional gzip format, and you see the new bzip2 format. for   install via patch, get all the latest patch files, watch  top-level directory, including the kernel source (linux-3.x), and run:gzip -cd ../patch-3.x.gz | patch-p1   -DC orbzip2 ../patch-3.x.bz2 | Location -p1   (repeat xx only for all builds above the power of your current builds   get the tree, _okay_) and everything should be fine. Do you have time to remove   backup your saved data (xxx~ or xxx.orig) and make sure it's gone  Failed to install fixes (xxx# or xxx.rej). If so, you or the user  made a big mistake.  Unlike  Matches for 3.x kernels, x patches for all 3.xy kernels   Known kernels (including -stable kernels) are not small, but are used instead   especially for the base 3.x kernel. please read  Documentation/application-patches.txt for more information.   You can also use the Patch-Kernel package to automate this process.   treat. Gets the current kernel label and applies an arbitrary   protects found.linux/scripts/linux patch-kernel   The main argument of the command refers to the location   kernel source. The patches are applied to the current directory, but   another directory can always be specified as the second argument. - When upgrading between updates, use stable series fixes.   (for patch 3 example, .xy), please note that these are "point releases".   time should not always and incrementally be applied to a 3.x base tree. TO   Example: The heart of your leg is 3.0 and you must apply it later.   3.0.3 Region you don't need and don't need to use them in the first place
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