How To Easily Fix OpenOffice Error Loading Basic

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    Here are a few simple steps that should help resolve the OpenOffice Basic Load Error issue.

    I duplicated “dialog.xlb” in the base file and tried again. The error could not be fixed, but it affected the message, which this time complained that the document that could not be streamed was “dialog.xli”

    openoffice error loading basic

    I am getting the following error message Yes, I choose an excerpt to open

    When closing, I see an error message, the requested document should open anyway. Since then I have not received this message.

    If I decline, I will delete all my cookies. If I work on a different computer file again, I will probably get the same error message.

    My document library contains all the pages, I don’t understand what happened here. Would anyone be smart enough to tell me how to solve this problem? I appreciate the help.

    Error Loading Basic Associated With Document

    OpenOffice 4 Version.1.5 Operating system: Windows 10. When I answer all Open Office applications, the following happens: d. H Text, spreadsheet, picture, etc. : Error loading base document. It then shows the location of the file and displays a general I/O error. It may receive the file, but if it does, it will transfer it, after which OpenOffice will close and lose. If I then open again, it repeats the collection of errors as above, including accidental use of files. I fixed it, tried uninstalling OpenOffice, Reinstall it and go back to previous backups. Nothing solved the problem. Any hints?

    I use Open Office 3.4 (PC) 99% of the time to get my work done. And I’m currently writing a book with Blogger. Yesterday I started getting the following message when I run documents. I duly uninstalled my existing copy of each of our Open Office applications, rebooted my home PC, and then reinstalled a new copy of Open Office. The error message is saved. I can’t reproduce your error on my Mac version (3.2)?

    [Error transferring basic document file:///C:/Users/Name%202/AppData/Roaming/;
    General error.
    General I/O error.]

    [SOLVED] Error Loading BASIC Document Associated With File

    Whenever I try to open a page, spreadsheet, or database, I get the following pop-up message:
    “Basic document clogged error file:///C:/Documents%20and %20settings / Gene /Application %20Data/
    General error.
    General I/O error.window (no other option), I get another popupOpening window:
    “Error loading BASIC document file:/ //C :/Documents%20and%20Settings/Gene/Application%20Data/OpenOffice, org/3/user/basic/dialogs.xli/ :
    General error.
    General I/O error.”
    When I click OK on this window, the application closes and exits, so it seems to work fine.
    I uninstalled and reinstalled OpenOffice, but our native error messages remain.
    OS: Windows Experience e Professional 5.1 with all updates already installed.
    Is there an acceptable workaround for this problem?


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    Error Loading Database (3.4.1)

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    Error Loading Database (3.4.1)

    I click OK again, the message ends and the file loads fine.


    How do I fix OpenOffice not responding?

    To make it unresponsive: try launching task manager (Ctrl Shift Esc) and kill all "soffice" processes that show up in TM tabs. Then try restarting the OO. to make sure you are trying to recover any temporary files from Writer that may be associated with your computer.

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    Re: Baseload Error

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  • I can't find this file mentioned in the dialog (c:/user/users/appdata/roaming/openoffice.og/3/user/basic/dialog.xlc)

    There seems to be a pause after application data (no roaming), followed by roaming (no


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    Re: Basic Internet Error

    What operating system do you have? The UpdateUser account is the current account for NVIDIA Update. This should have nothing to do with Ying aoo, who seems to be responsible for this. You will need to verify your user account.


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    Re: Main Broadcast Error (3.4.1)

    Does Apache OpenOffice work on Windows 10?

    Windows version support The current Apache OpenOffice supports Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

    My Windows system consists of several 64-bit systems. Often when I look for the file mentioned in the error discussion I get c:/users/user but there is simply no appdata file after user/.

    I can also find the relocatable file, but not the one following

    So I couldn't find the file I'm trying to find this morninguninstall and reinstall almost everything as in the previous sentence.

    openoffice error loading basic

    In other words, the path displayed in all error dialogs does not exist.


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    Re: Overvoltage Error (3 Base.4.1)

    pcb002 writes:

    My system has changed to Windows 7 64 bit. When I search for the file mentioned in this particular error dialog I get c:/users/user but still there is no appdata file right after user/

    I can find a roaming folder but not a tracked folder next to

    So I can't find the file I'm trying to delete, please reinstall it as per the previous suggestion.

    In other words, the specified path to the error dialog does not exist.


    Can not open OpenOffice?

    If the OpenOffice files do not open, start the Task Manager (Ctrl Shift Esc) and end all Soffice processes that appear in the TM tabs.

    AppData is a hidden folder. Instead of looking for a file,

    %App Data%

    Enter the search box in the start menu. Everyone should find it in our travel folder. Open the roaming directory and navigate to the file.

    pcb002 wrote:

    My Circle - 64-bit VerThis is Windows 7. When I search for the file listed in the error dialog, I get c:/users/user, but there is no appdata file after user/.

    Has OpenOffice been discontinued? (OOo), commonly referred to as OpenOffice, is literally a discontinued open source office suite. In 2011, Oracle Corporation, at the time the new owner of Sun, announced that it was no longer offering a commercial bundle package and donated a large portion of the Apache Foundation project.

    I can find an important file being moved, but not the one that was working on

    So I can't find the file I'm trying to delete and reinstall permanently as suggested in the previous sentence.

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