Fixing Outlook Error 0x80042108 Just Got Easier

If you are experiencing outlook error 0x80042108 on your computer, I hope this guide will help you.

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    Error 0x80042108 is often caused by a heavily corrupted PST (Personal Storage Table) archive. Hence, Outlook has an inbox repair tool that repairs corrupted PST documents. These permissions will probably fix error 0x80042108 so you can open and send emails with Outlook.

    This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to fix Outlook getting error report 0x80042108. Outlook error 0x80042108 usually occurs when you entered the POP3 mail server company name incorrectly, also known as no internet connection.

    The problem is in the details. Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, or Outlook 2013 displays the following error during a send-receive operation: “Error with receive signal (0x80042108): Outlook differs in that your incoming mail (POP3) server is down. If you continue to receive this mail, please contact your server administrator or Internet Service Provider (ISP).

    ErrorThe Outlook 0x80042108 error can appear in any version connected to Outlook (2016, 2013, 2010 or even 2007), and when it appears, the Outlook client program cannot connect to all mail servers.

    How to fix error 0x80042108 in Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016.

    Step 1: Check your Internet connection.

    The first step to fix Outlook retrieval error 80042108 is to check your Internet connection. So open our internet browser and visit any web portal to make sure your internet connection is working.

    Step 2. Check your Mailpop3 server settings.

    The second step in troubleshooting Outlook Receive Error 0x80042108 is to verify that the location of the mail servers is correct. Therefore, contact your mail provider and make sure you have entered the correct incoming mail server name and port number. To change and view computer settings for Internet mail:

    outlook error 0x80042108

    3. Double-tap your email account in the Email tab to permanently change or view its settings.
    4.Check that you must enter the correctThe full name of the incoming mail server in the appropriate field.
    5. When done, click “More” in the settings.

    6. Generally, click the Advanced tab and make sure you have entered the correct port and SSL setting for the incoming computer (POP3).

    6. Done when you click OK and then close all open windows.
    7. Test Outlook again.

    Step 3: Check your firewall for antivirus and settings.

    If you are using an antivirus program with email decryption capability, disable the antivirus add-in in Outlook, or temporarily disable or uninstall your antivirus program. Also check your firewall to make sure that the mail server sockets you are using are not being blocked by the firewall program. In particular, in the firewall settings:

  • Outlook.exe
  • Port 100 (when using a POP3 incoming mail server without an encrypted connection) *
  • Port 995 (If you are using a large encrypted POP3 inbox server (SSL enabled).
  • Port 143 (if you and your family members useYou are using an incoming IMAP server without an encrypted connection)
  • Port 993 (if a public IMAP server is used for incoming mail with an encrypted connection (SSL mapping enabled).
  • Port 25 if your SMTP server does not use SSL for outgoing emails. *
  • Port 465 or 587 if your SMTP server uses SSL for outgoing mail.
  • outlook error 0x80042108

    *Note. By default, port 25 is for outbound access and port 110 is for inbound access. If you’re not sure about ports at all, check with your ISP or system administrator.

    How do I fix Outlook server error?

    In Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, or Outlook 2016, select File.Select Account Settings > Account Settings.On the “E-mail” tab, stay in your account (profile), then do not forget to restore.Follow the instructions in specific areas of the wizard and continue with Outlook when you’re done.

    More Help: If the above methods don’t work, try the following:

    A. Delete and re-add your email portfolio.
    B. Restore the Outlook PST data file.
    C. Disable VPN connection (if established)
    D. Repair table installation. For this:

    1. On Windows, select Control Panel > Programs and Features.
    2. Find and select the MS Office application, then click Edit.
    3. Then select the “Restore” option.

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    Are you getting an Outlook error 0x80042108 when using your Outlook email account? You understand that Outlook cannot access your mail device (POP3). You should contact your server administrator or ISP and resolve the issue.

    You seem to be having trouble understanding technical words. But panic! You won’t be forwarding important emails. This article will definitely help you with various guides to help you fix Outlook error 0x80042108 Windows 10. You can also learn more about the various causes that lead to this error.

    What Causes Outlook Error 0x80042108?

    How do I fix error 0x80042108 in Outlook?

    1 Check your Internet connection.2 Check your POP3 mail server settings.3 Turn off all antivirus software and Windows Firewall.4 Install Windows updates.5 Reinstall Outlook.6 Delete your email account and create a new one.7 Start Outlook in safe mode.

    Before looking at the various ways to fix the main errors, it is important to recognize the various causes of Outlook error 0x80042108. Common reasons Reasons:

    Error 0x80042108 could be anything. Whatever the reason, the tips presented in this part can help you fix the error.

    Nine Tips | How To Fix Error 0x80042108 In Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 Or Sometimes 2016?

    How do I fix error 0x8004210A in Outlook?

    1 Check your Internet access.2 Delete unwanted emails from your mailbox.3 Expand Server timeout limit.4 SettingsUse Windows Antivirus and Firewall.5 Create a new Outlook account.6 Repair your Outlook installation.7 Restore Outlook mail using Scanpst.exe.

    Now you know the possible reasons that can cause an error when working in Outlook. Read on to learn about the various details that can fix the error.

    1 Check Your Internet Connection

    How do I fix error 0X800CCC78 in Outlook?

    Step 1: Click File.Step 2: Based on your account settings, go to the Email tab.Step 3: Verify your email.Step 4: Check outgoing settings: Here you need to make sure two checks are set correctly.Step 5: Now click OK.

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