Setup.exe Error In Windows XP? Fix It Immediately

You may receive a setup.exe error in Windows XP. Coincidentally, there are a number of steps you can take to fix this problem, and we’ll talk about them in a moment.

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    This article provides an assessment of the issue you are using Error opening EXE files.

    Applies to: Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 10 – all editions
    Original amount in KB: 555067


    When trying to get EXE files, you may get error messages such as: “Access ‘Execution denied’, error”, etc.


    A corrupted registry setting or a third-party product (or virus) changes the default configuration of the training EXE files. This may cause the operation to fail when running EXE files. Run,


    1. How do I install EXE files on Windows XP?

      Expand our custom .exe image by double-clicking on the device and selecting the folder where we want the files to be specially expanded.Download and run nlite.Follow the instructions to organize the bootable ISO image and select the entire folder where you deployed the main installation files toand step 1.

      Click and select Run.

    2. Type "" and press Enter. (A DOS window will open.)

    3. setup.exe error windows xp

      Enter the following command lines:

      How do I fix Setup exe error?

      Go to “Start”, click “All Programs and Optional Accessories”. Right-click Command Prompt in the list of programs and select “Run as administrator”. If you are prompted to enter an administrator account or confirm, enter your changes or click OK.


      Press Enter after typing one at a time.

    4. Type a copy of “regedit.exe” and optionally press Enter.

    5. Type “start” and press Enter.

    6. Go to the key and select it:


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    In the right pane, the double-click value (default).

  • Clear the current value data, then type:

    “%1” %*

    How do I get setup exe?

    Go to Explorer.Find that particular file you downloaded. The received files are automatically saved in the download folder.Once you find someone’s file, double-click it to install.

    Advice. Enter the characters: quote-percentage-one-quote-space-percentage-asterisk.

  • Close the Regedit utility.

    Why is my EXE file not opening?

    According to Microsoft experts, some problems occur due to corrupted settings in the computer’s system registry or system problems due to virus infection or installation of third-party tools. Installing third-party software can change the default configuration for running EXE files, which often causes problems when trying to run EXE files.


    How do I create an EXE file in Windows XP?

    The following solution is likely to be used by Windows XP users in addition to Windows 2000 users. Go to your company’s Control Paneland and click Folder Options. Select the “Files of type” tab, then click “Create”: enter EXE in the extension field of this file, then just click “OK”: the .exe extension will be automatically selected.

    If you are using Windows XP with System Restore enabled, you should disable System Restore in Safe Mode before applying the above tips.

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  • If you are using Windows XP and support System Restore, you must disable System” in “Safe Mode” before following the instructions above.

    setup.exe error windows xp

    Today, a very personal friend asked me how well he can run the Windows Application Runtime because it obviously won’t open in Windows XP.
    I was very surprised, the first attempts I thought he was joking, although, it’s true, when I tried to install the winrar program or any bittorent program, it did not work, it just did not open.
    It has a trojan killer application (Avast), I disabled this item, but the problem still often persists.
    So how can we solve this problem?

    window Windows XP installation install open Improve this question

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    How to fix netsetup Exe error on Windows?

    Many of the netsetup.exe error messages that you frequently encounter can be caused by an outdated Windows operating system. To train Windows Update, follow these steps: In the search box, type “Update” and press Enter. If the updates can be used to download, click Install Updates. After the update is successfully completed, restart your computer.

    What causes Windows 10 setup Exe to fail?

    This may be due to poor programming by Microsoft, conflicts with other third party products or plug-ins, or near-damaged and outdated hardware. These types of Setup.exe errors can also occur if they are accidentally deleted, deleted, or corrupted by a Trojan horse.

    Where can I find the installer’s setup Exe?

    At the Visual Studio command prompt, run the following command: where “setup.exe” is the setup .exe file created by the installer creator. I’ll post the best example of the information you’ve come across here:

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