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    IIS Monitor Exception finds exceptions and Internet access violations in processes running on any IIS server, and monitors and finds problems in both iis and the software running under it. Last month I explained how to set up a monitor and exceptions, gave an overview of how it works. This month, I will show you how to use these other methods to solve problems that often arise in IIS, a great server, when applications use COM objects.


    Before explaining the troubleshooting methods, let’s see which COM properties are related to each other and which web applications are related to each other. Microsoft COM is generally the most widely used method for creating objects today. COM objects or elements are really applications that your business builds using a language such as C++ or Visual Basic (VB) to perform tasks such as accessingdatabase, database information security, etc. Application

    COM consists of classes that become objects when another program uses the components provided by the character. – A class is an element (or file) that contains functions as well as subroutines. The first and the application-subroutine class form its interface (COM devices do not have a visible operator interface – UI). The interface consists of all class methods (subroutines and functions – an entity can do what) and properties (variables). It is often possible to quickly collect a collection of COM objects by applications with.

    You can .call powerful object .methods from .asp scripts (active server pages), .exe files, ..OLE .DLL files, and . of .files ..Method a can return levels and any number of required or optional accept arguments or nothing at all. Typically, methods fire an event when an object appears. Class methods can use methods that exist in multiple classes. Thus, the class (or object) becomes reusable. For example, if each timeThe sender creates a client object that can have Add, Delete and Update methods, any Windows application or web application can use an ASP package call for these methods.

    I created a huge class named crashme to test it out. The following teaching methods are used in the class:

  • GoForStackSpace
  • Goforoverflow
  • Goforarraybounds
  • Goformemory
  • troubleshoot vom

    This makes it easier to test different problem areas. For example, if an array is checked outside of bounds, the code calls the GoForArrayBounds.

    It’s very easy to use in an ASP com object. You almost always use the following syntax to try and create a variable to refer to a toy and then instantiate the object with the Slow createobject generic method:

    <%o accident rate set oCrash=server.Create object("iiexceptioncause .CrashMe")%>

    In the previous format, IISExceptionCauser is which component I created to check for this monitor’s rule exceptions. CrashMe takes first place in Feature the. CreateObject inCauses the class to be loaded, and a reference to that object appears in the crash memory. Note that Becomes also crashes the object after the program is loaded (i.e., instantiated). You can now use the oCrash variable to access individual object steps. For example, you can use the following syntax to call a method normally:

    troubleshoot vom
    <% oCrash.GoForStackSpace (0)%>

    Finally, when you’re done with the target, set the variable that refers to the object to Nothing, which will print the reference to the object and also notify the OS that it’s corrupted:

    <% set oCrash = Nothing%>

    When you compile an application containing a class to use COM, making the application a component. Physical file components (.dll and even .exe) serve as proprietary classes. component First can have your number of classes. also

    Quick and Easy PC Repair

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  • Step 1: Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • Step 2: Open the software and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Restore" to start the restoration process

  • You will regularly see the terms in-process and out-of-process components. In-process components (DLLs) run the repository of our co-application,which implements class methods. Thus, out-of-process components running in separate memory and on disk are much slower than in-process components because they often marshal (transfer or transform) data between the application and the component.

    You may find that this discussion doesn’t really apply to you because you don’t use everything in com objects in your applications; Your organization only uses ASP and ADO. However, ADO COM does, so there is no doubt that any data-driven site that uses ASP is likely to use COM. So internal COM objects are simply things that applications will compile into .dll or .exe ring folders and have methods that many applications can call.

    They also use several tools to track diseases with COM objects: Exception Monitor, Windows NT Performance Monitor, NT Event Viewer and other tools. Now you can use multiple tools and track lead issues together.

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