Virtual PC Operating System Troubleshooting Not Found In An Easy Way

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    If you’re currently seeing an “OS not found” error when trying to install an OS file for VMware, first make sure the ISO image you’re using is absolutely bootable. If you find that the ISO used by families is not bootable, please choose another option or follow the next method below.

    I installed ESXI 5.1 on a Workstation On 9 with a user account that actually runs as an administrator.

    Does a virtual machine need an OS?

    Each training machine runs its own operating system and runs separately from several other virtual machines, although they all run on the same host. This means that, for example, a macOS Internet Virtual Machine can be made available to run on a physical PC.

    When I get bored with Server 2009 R2.iso or Exchange.iso, I get the following error:

    I reinstalled And esxi workstation 9 and they run as administrator, but the error is the same.

    There is a Produce screen with settings for a virtual machine created on ESXI.

    This is a specific fix for an issue where the Windows VM won’t start with the wrong “Operation” selection.This system was not found”.

    Original product: Windows Virtual Machine
    Original KB number: 4010142


    The operating system could not be found. Try disabling all drivers that do not contain the operating system. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to reload


  • The boot process cannot find an active system partition.
  • The CD/DVD is damaged.
  • The drive supporting the Hyper-V host is not displayed.
  • The ‘Unable to place’ entry corresponds to the vault where the drive is located.
  • Resolution

    To resolve this issue, delete (deallocate) the virtual machine and restart it. Then check if the problem is still there. If the problem persists, follow the steps for each user.

    Step 1: Check If The Windows Partition Can Be Marked As Active

    1. Remove the virtual machine. Don’t forget to select the “Keep Discs” option if most users do.

    2. Why my virtual machine is not working?

      The virtual machine may stop responding when there is not enough disk space. A guest operation action on a virtual machine may cause the virtual machine to not respond Check it out for inquiries. The online machine’s disk controllers are not configured as recommended. If your layer includes a firewall between the ESXi/ESX host and the vSphere client.

      Mount the OS disk as a data disk to another virtual machine (debug virtual machine). ComplementFor more information, see How to attach a facts and information drive to a Windows VM

      in the Azure portal.

    3. Connect to the recovery virtual machine. Open Computer Management > Administrative Tools. Make sure that the operating system drive is connected to the network and that only drive letters are assigned to partitions.

    4. How do I start my laptop operating system not found?

      Restart your program.Disconnect any flash drives you don’t need, remove the drive if your new drive has one, and remove any weak drives.Boot into the BIOS and make sure the hard drive that is set to performance is selected as the first boot device.

      Identify the boot partition and the Windows partition. If there is only one partition associated with partitioning the OS disk, then that partition is literally both the Windows boot partition and the main Windows partition.

      If the OS disk contains multiple partitions, you can identify the partitions by looking at a specific folder inside:

    5. The Windows partition is created from a folder usually called “Windows”, and this partition is larger than the others.
    6. The boot partition contains a kind of folder called “Boot”. This folder is hidden by default. To display a folder, you must show hidden files and folders and disable the Hide operating system files from protected computer (recommended) setting. The shoes section is 300MB, typically up to 500MB.
    7. Run one of the following commands as an administrator. This creates a boot entry.

      bcdboot :Windows /S :
    8. Use DISKPART to check if the Windows partition is occupied. To do this, follow these steps:

      1. virtual pc os not found

        Run the following command to open DISKPART:

        Disk part
      2. virtual pc os not found

        List of drives in the system and therefore select an operating system drive that you can mount:

        Disk listsel disk 
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      4. Step 1: Download and install the ASR Pro software
      5. Step 2: Open the software and click "Scan"
      6. Step 3: Click "Restore" to start the restoration process

    List volumes, then select the volume containing the Windows folder.

    list of flightsvol salt 
  • List partitions on the blank drive, then select the partition containing the Windows folder.

    List of sectionssel partition 
  • Show new section status:

    Detailed evaluation

    Screenshot related to disk partition output, partition 1 does not appear to be active.

    If your partition is active, go to “Step 2: Restore Boot Configuration Data”.

    If this section is not running, useUse one of our active commands to make it active. Run

    then again the details section to check if the section is active.

  • Disconnect that damn drive from the debugger VM. Then create a virtual machine from the OS disk.

  • Step 2: Restore Boot Configuration Data

    1. Run the following command line as an administrator to check the system integrity of the list and fix possible system errors in the file.

      chkdsk : /f
    2. How do I fix VMware operating system not found?

      Boot sequence fails with error: Operating system not found.Specify the VMware where you are using the physical disk.Recreate our own virtual machine. Open the VMware program. In this menu on the left, click Home.Reinstall the operating system on VMware Workstation.

      Run this as supervisor from the command line, then note the ID associated with the Windows boot loader (not the Windows boot manager). The ID is 32 characters long and is a brand new code similar to “xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxx”. Be sure to use this ID in the next step.

      bcdedit /store :bootbcd /enum
    3. Correct the boot configuration data by running the following commands. Replace placeholders with actual values.


      This shad has always been applied to most corruption issues that can affect initial configuration data. You must complete this step even if the device’s OSDevice values ​​are associated with the correct partition.


    4. is often a partition that contains a folder that experts say is “Windows”.
    5. The

    6. is actually the partition containing the system input and output folder called “Boot”.
    7. is the Windows boot loader ID found in some of the previous steps.
    8. bcdedit :bootbcd /set bootmgr device partition=:bcdedit :bootbcd /set bootmgr Enable Integrity Servicesbcdedit :bootbcd /set  Electronic Device Partition=:bcdedit :bootbcd /set  Enable health servicesbcdedit :bootbcd /set  recoveryenabled Offbcdedit :bootbcd /set  osdevice partition=:bcdedit :bootbcd /set  bootstatuspolicy IgnoreAllFailures
    9. Detach the recovered OS disk from the Recovery VM assembly. Then create a virtual machine from the OS disk.

  • 3 minutes of reading
  • This step applies to many data corruption issues affecting system data at startup. You must complete this phase even if the OSDevice values ​​of the device AND point to the recovery partition.

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